Jumat, 17 November 2017

Home Exterior Make Over - Home Improvements That Add Sizzle to Your Curb Appeal

Are you selling your home? Do you just want your home to look great and make a statement? First impressions, they say, make lasting impressions. What does your home say to people who drive up?

There are so many ways to add sizzle and improve this first impression. You can do it economically or you can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars. House expansions that increase curb appeal would be one way to spend tens of thousands. In this article, I'm going to talk about how you can improve the curb appeal without a major home addition or expansion.

Determine Your Purpose and Budget First

If you're selling your home, it doesn't make a lot of sense to go hog wild. A nice "spruce up" should be fine. If, on the other hand, your goal is to make a statement and add significantly to your own enjoyment, then you could really splurge.

Another thing to think about is whether or not you can do some or all of the work yourself. Labor costs can be higher than the materials costs. If it's a do-it-yourself type home improvement you may want to favor labor intensive projects rather than materials purchases. In addition, when you are purchasing materials, make sure they are easily installed by the homeowner.

Here are some of the most popular and advantageous curb appeal improvements that lend themselves to the do-it-yourselfer:

The Basic Spruce Up

    Fresh paint for the exterior siding and trim (color coordinated)
    Well kept or manicured front and side yards
    Flowers, bushes, and trees with exterior lighting
    Lighting for featured parts of the front elevation of your home
    Inexpensive shutters for the windows
    Simulated rock/brick for the front porch, corners, and other accents
    Well-chosen outdoor furniture and swings for the front porch and yard
    A new front door and door handle

Now, if money is no object, you'll want to do some of the following which will normally require more costly materials and a lot of professional labor:

The "Extreme Home Exterior Make-Over"

    Hire a designer to coordinate colors and home style features
    Add new siding such as vinyl, cedar, stucco, etc.
    Replace the front windows, doors and trim
    Add shutters and planter boxes around windows
    Replace the roof shingles with tile, metal, or other visible impact shingles
    Give the landscaping an entire make-over
    Real stone and or brick walls, accents, pillars and entries
    Add stone and brick accents, driveways, and walkways
    Add archways and permanent awnings to the front elevation of home

The Home Value Bonus

All your hard work should pay off financially. A good home will benefit greatly by an exterior make-over. Even a "bad" home can be helped. The final point I want to make is that whatever you do, don't over-do it! Potential home buyers won't be looking for the Taj Mahal in a mobile home park.

Wisely done, your exterior make-over can bring back double or triple the value (or more) of your invested dollars. Do some research, make some decisions, implement your plan and enjoy the beauty and financial rewards.

Sabtu, 11 November 2017

Mommy Make Over Doctors See Steady Increases

It isn't unusual to have a tough time getting in to see mommy makeover doctors. More women are starting to see the benefits of making an appointment with a plastic surgeon to find out what their options are for changing their bodies. While some just want to go back to the way things were before kids, others are taking this opportunity to make real improvements and enhance their bodies in a positive way. But why are more women coming in for these procedures as of late?

The Benefits of Multiple Procedures at Once

Agreeing to any type of plastic surgery is a big decision. Aside from the actual operation, there is preparation that needs to be done as well as recovery. Going through each procedure separately means paying for anesthesia each time, as well as other items that tend to equal a real increase in cost. Mommy make over doctors understand that by going under once and having multiple areas of the body addressed, women can save themselves money and some of the hassle that goes along with an operation. Why not get everything done at the same time and wake up with a brand new body? It took months and even some cases years to change the body to its current state and the idea of an all at the same time transformation is appealing.

One Time Recovery

Despite having the operations done, it still takes time for the body to heal and the final results to be visible. Most women have some idea of what it is going to take to recover from a breast augmentation or tummy tuck but after talking to their mommy make over doctors, they realize that combining procedures cuts back on recovery time. Instead of spending the next several months or even years recovering from different surgeries, women are able to have everything handled at one time and then let each part of their bodies recover at the same time. For some, this makes more sense as they can get the help they need while they get better once instead of multiple times. It means less time away from work, less time away from family and less downtime in general.

Variety of Options

Most women start out meeting with mommy make over doctors to learn more about the available procedures. It is possible to pick and choose from a list of procedures in order to create a customized experience. For example, most women choose to have a breast augmentation as well as a tummy tuck at the same time. Others are interested in adding liposuction, stretch mark reduction or even facial rejuvenation at the same time.

Sabtu, 04 November 2017

Give Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets and Easy and Beautiful Make Over With Antiquing

The economy is tight, yet you've been dying to replace those old, worn kitchen cabinets and now know you can't for at least a little while. But what do you do if you just can't stand them a day longer? Give them a new antique finish!

A girlfriend of mine recently moved in to a 1920's farm house in a small town in Washington State. The elderly lady who sold it to her hadn't updated the cabinets since they were new in 1960.

Being an artful faux finish artist, she set out to change them immediately. But she didn't do it by replacing them or even re-facing them. She did it with a simple technique of adding ornamental plaster pieces from a mold and antiquing them with a simple painting process.

I LOVE the look of painted, antiqued cabinets. I love the look of ornamental plaster. What the two together creates, is a very lovely make over of your dull, drab cabinets. They add such character to the kitchen, bath (or even a piece of furniture!). Here's how to easily get that elegant look:

Firstly, find a mold design that you really love. Craft stores carry a few in the soap or candle aisle but you can find many on sites on the internet. Simply search "Ornamental Plaster Mold" and these sites will come up. Choose a design that is sized to fit in the center of your cabinet door without being overwhelming.

The thing that is most exciting about adding plaster pieces to your cabinet doors is that they make the doors appear to have hand carved raised designs in them. Yet each piece literally costs pennies to produce.

"Glaze over paint" finishes are so cool. The technique can turn the most plain and ordinary cabinetry in to something much more interesting and beautiful. I love how this finish gives the cabinets real dimension and presence!

It can be done with any of colors, typically using a darker tone of the same or coordinating color over a lighter tone. But my favorite is cream colored paint as the base, with a light to medium brown color wash. It's soothing and inviting and doesn't detract from other decorating you might have going on in the room.

How easy is it? Ultra!

1. Simply use the mold and a bag of plaster of paris (found at your local home store) to cast enough pieces of the design for the number of cabinet doors in your kitchen. Follow the manufacturer's easy directions.

The pieces must be bone dry and light in weight before applying to the cabinets. This can take anywhere from 2 days to one week so make your pieces in advance to save time. Trust me, if you can mix up cake batter and pour it in a bowl, you can cast plaster with a mold. It's truly a cinch.

2. Wash your cabinets to remove dirt and oils then apply two coats of primer.

3. Using joint compound mixed with a little white glue as your adhesive by spreading the mixture over the back of the plaster piece, holding it to the center of the cabinet door for one minute. It will stick perfectly! Allow to dry for 48 hours before proceeding with paint.

4. Simply paint your cabinet or furniture piece with the lighter version of the color you have chosen. Allow it to dry overnight.

5. Mix the deeper shade of the color you chose craft with translucent wall glaze at a ratio of 4 parts glaze to one part paint (pretty easy, hey?).

Mix well.

6. Brush liberally on to the surface of the cabinet, paying close attention to the ornamental plaster piece, then immediately wipe off with a dry terry towel, allowing the mixture to stay in any recesses, cracks or corners of the piece to create a darker finish in those areas.

7. Once dry, seal with two coats of non-yellowing polyurethane to protect your new finish.

It's fast, it's simple and it's gorgeous!

This technique can be done on just about anything and if there is any ornamental detail to the piece at all, you will find that the glaze simply brings it out even more! To make the cabinets really feel new, give the inside of the cabinets a coat of paint or new shelf liner as well.

So jump in and give those ugly cabinets an ornamental face lift. You'll find you just might like them much more than if you actually replaced them!

Jumat, 27 Oktober 2017

Fun Make-Over - Transforming Your Classroom For the Fun of It

My kids have told me over and over that they wanted to send my name and picture to those make-over television shows. I finally understood what they were talking about. Kids want their surroundings to be upbeat, creative, visually appealing, modern, what they like, and fun!

When they spend most of their awake time in the classroom, and you as well, it is no wonder they respond to the environment in which they are in. How would you like your bedroom if you have to spend 7 hours (awake) each day?

The phrase "You are what you eat" goes true for the classroom. You learn according to the energy flow of the room and your surroundings. An uncluttered room or area is more conducive for learning than a cluttered area. The more space the freer the energy will be able to move in the classroom, less stress on everyone and a more attentive class.

Why not clear the clutter and replace it with fun things!

Easy suggestions include:

    Bulletin boards with themes like baby pictures or funny pictures
    Funny ads
    Joke of the Day
    Funny Signs

Include the students in each step: the cleaning, sorting, organizing, planning, and preparation. Have different people assigned to the tasks for accountability like you do student of the week.

Changing the room will lighten up the student's day and yours. Your lesson will go smooth and they will be more agreeable to participating in their learning. Start a subject with something from your make-over that will enhance the mood for learning.

Keep the fun in mind with decorating your room. Create a makeover for the FUN of it!

Kamis, 19 Oktober 2017

Type 2 Diabetes - Your Metabolism Make-Over to Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight is important if you have Type 2 diabetes. But are you struggling to lose those last 10 pounds? If you feel like no matter how hard you try to lose weight, you just can't move any closer to your end goal, your metabolism may be to blame.

Your metabolic rate governs how well or how poorly your body burns calories. But you need to lose fat, not muscle.

While many people are quick to write off their failed progress on a slow metabolism, what few people realize is this is not always just genetic. They may blame their parents who happen to also be overweight for their struggle, claiming they inherited this difficulty with fat loss.

But, is that really the case? Often the person to blame is yourself if you have not been leading a proper lifestyle.

Let's go over the steps you should take to make over your metabolism so fat loss becomes easier again.

Focus On Strength Training, Not Cardio

First, when it comes to your workouts, the number one thing you can do is focus on strength training over cardio training. Too much cardio training is the fastest route to lean muscle mass loss and this will have a significant influence on your resting metabolic rate.

Strength training works to improve your resting metabolic rate, cardio training lowers it.

Eat Mini-Meals Focused Around Protein

Next, for your eating plan, start focusing on eating more mini-meals that are based around protein sources. Eating regularly throughout the day trains your body that it's okay to utilize body fat as more fuel will be coming in.

If you are not eating regularly, your body will have a tendency to store excess energy for times of need.

The protein in the diet helps to boost your metabolism even further, so this can have a very strong effect on your progression.

Stay Hydrated

Staying well hydrated is another often overlooked metabolic booster. Even slight amounts of dehydration can negatively impact your hydration status, so it's not something to forget about.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, if not more, and if you can, sip some green tea. It has even further metabolic benefits that will help assist you.

Sleep More, Party Less

Finally, the last thing to note is you should do your best to get more sleep, which is a metabolic enhancer and drink less alcohol, which is a metabolic crusher.

Lifestyle factors do add up and can play a key role in how quickly your body is utilizing stored body fat.

So there you have some fast and quick tips to remember about your lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise habits and how they influence your metabolism. Get them right and fat loss will progress along far more easily.

Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. By making simple changes to your daily routine, its possible to protect your heart, kidneys, eyes and limbs from the damage often caused by high blood sugar, and eliminate many of the complications you may already experience.